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    Supersonic Sun Capsule (220 Watt)

    Super hot standup, great for intermediate to advanced tanners.

    • 54 Cosmolux 220 watt VHR/HP long lamps
    • 5.5 sided patented design increases exposure to the face and body
    • 22 mph breeze for a comfortable, no sweat tanning
    • Great for tanners who want to achieves our highest tanning results in 8 minutes

    Sunscape 756V (200 Watt)

    The power of the SS755 turned upside-down! That’s right, the SS756V gives your tanners the intense tanning power of a true 200 watt system in a stand-up configuration with an 8 minute tanning session, perfect for those on the go. The hinged acrylic system makes changing the lamps a breeze so you can maximize your profit in a short amount of time.

    • High pressure unit
    • Full body tanning coverage
    • 360 degree
    • Advanced body cooling

    Versa Spa Skin Care System

    • Paraben Free
    • Gluten Free
    • Cruelty Free
    • UV Free
    • Non-Comedogenic Free
    3 Levels of solution to choose from:
    • Level 1 (Light) Natural Look
    • Level 2 (Medium) Sun-kissed Look
    • Level 3 (Dark) Love The Sun Look
    Perfector & moisturizer to prep and hydrate the skin and extend your professional spray tan.
    Breakthrough technology helps eliminate unpleasant odor commonly associated with sunless tanning.
    • Get your perfect off the beach look in 60 seconds.
    • Suitable for all skin types
    • Voice info function
    • Full body sunless tan
    • Air blow dry after every treatment

    Ergoline Open Sun 550 (160 Watt)

    The Open Sun 550’s unique open air design with its A.R.T. (Advanced Reflective Tanning) System achieves the highest tanning results and is perfect for clients who dislike the closed-in feeling of traditional beds. Air Condition Plus keeps tanners comfortable and the Multi Relax base acrylic has a wide shape and includes an integrated headrest, relaxing armrests and variable footrests.

    • Level 4 bed
    • High-pressure facials bulbs, shoulder and neck tanners
    • Separate air-conditioned base acrylic cooling
    • 1-system body ventilation, adjustable in 12 steps, with air conditioning controlled by AC Plus
    • Multi relax acrylic

    Sonnenbraune Diva 4 (160 Watt)

    The Diva series is one of the most trusted names in the tanning industry. With years of producing great results, the Diva is a force to reckon with.

    • High Pressure Unit
    • 3 Facial Bulbs Providing Amazing Results
    • Fan System Delivers Ample Cooling Power

    Ergoline Sundash 32 Series (120 Watt)

    The Ergoline Sundash 32 series combines the best of both worlds: the proven performance and durability of the American icon Sundash with the leading UV technology and design expertise of Ergoline. The Ergoline Sundash series has everything an entry level unit needs and more. 32 Super Power UV lamps, which are 2 meters long in the canopy. The Basic Cooling system delivers ample cooling power while the relaxing Body Curve base acrylic and optional stereo speakers make any tanning session a mini vacation.

    • Low pressure unit
    • Facial bulb
    • Fan system delivers ample cooling power
    • Perfect for 1st time clients trying to Achieve a base tan or to maintain your existing tan